by Savio
$ 119.00
$ 75.00

Save money and energy with the new technology of LED Lighting.

50,000 hour bulb life

Savio Radiance Lighting

Draw attention to water garden focal points with a bright, dramatic display of LED or Halogen lights from Savio.

Emphasize the beauty of water after sunset, and surrounding areas for safety.

Rugged professional housing units are backed by Savio's quality, and a one_year warranty.

Submersible Halogen Lights offer bright light in underwater environments.

Cast brilliant lighting onto waterfalls, ponds and underwater plants.

  • LED and Halogen Lights have reinforced glass lenses.
  • Each light features a 20' cord.
  • Individual lights can be strung together, and hard_wired into an existing outdoor lighting system
  • All of the lights EXCEPT the RAD2020 can be in or out of water. The RAD2020 has to be submerged during use.
  • Transformer (sold separately).
  • Manufacturer's one year warranty (Lamp excluded)
  • Can be used in or out of water
  • Ideal for waterfalls and semi-aqueous environments.

The following are available:

LED Light (Small) - 3 3/8"L x 3"W - (SAV481)

LED Light (Large) - 4 3/8"L x 3 3/8"W - (SAV482)

3 Way Splitter - (SAV486)

20 Watt Transformer - (SAV485)

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