by Pondmaster
$ 133.00
$ 81.70

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Pump

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Filter

Pondmaster Starter Pond Kit - PMK190 - Recommended for Small Ponds and Container Gardens up to 300 gallons.

Includes the filter, pump and Aquabelle fountain head kit. All designed to work together. Specifications:

•Model # PMK190 / 02019 / SUP02019

•190 gph pump with 10ft Grounded Power Cord - 115V / 60hZ

•Pump consumes just 19 watts (0.3 amps)

•Deluxe box style filter system

•Aquabelle fountain head •Mechanical and biological filtration

•Designed for ease of use

•Measures approximately 10 1/2"L x 8 1/2" W.

•Two filter pads provide mechanical and biological filtration.

•Aerates water and produces a beautiful, wind-resistant pattern.

•5 Year Mfg's Limited Warranty on Pump

•1 Year Mfg's Limited Warranty on Filter (Excluding filter foams)Pondmaster Starter Pond Kit - PMK190


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