GCTek AlphaOne Media 1CF

by GCTek
$ 139.95

AlphaOne bead filter media. 1 Cubic Foot

AlphaOne Bio Media

To answer this we have to understand the difference between bead filters and how they trap solids and how the AlphaONE accomplishes this task. Bead filters trap solids in the first few inches of the bead pac(causing clogging, flow disruption and pressure rises in the vessel) while theAlphaONE with its uniquely designed AlphaBioONEmedia stops the debris evenly through out the pac (resulting in greater flow, less head or back pressure, less maintenance.) The polishing ability of the filter is one it's most desirable features, based upon comments that into us from the field.

AlphaBioONEmedia was specially designed for this filter and this filter only. It is not something borrowed from another industry and used in the filter.


With the AlphaBioONE media there are no hidden areas for anaerobic bacteria, to harbor and stagnate, only beneficial bacteria.

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