DuoTek Pond Filters

by GCTek
$ 3,149.95
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 This is the filter that is rewriting the books on filtration. Most experts agree that fluidized bed filtration can't be beat for biological filtration due to the fact in never clogs or needs cleaning because it's always in motion. The problem with that however is the fact it doesn't polish the water. We solved the polishing effect by using our time proven method of BioMechanical filtration by using our AlphaONE media (or AquaBead BioGems on the AquaBead model) to give a superb BioMechanical polish to the water.

        Here's how the filter works: Water enters at the bottom of the filter where we have our own AlphaBio2 media at the bottom. This media is just barely heavier than water so it is easily fluidized by even an 1/8 HP pump. Water flows through the bottom media where it is spun and lifted at the same time while Biological conversion is occuring. From there the water continues its path upward where even the finest particles are removed by AlphaONE media (or Biogems on the AquaBead) and the final bioconversion takes place. Water then exits the filter to make its way back to the pond.


  • Space saving, Imagine a 7cu.ft. filter with only a 24 inch footprint!
  • Available in 2 sizes: 7 cu. ft. (4 floating + 3 sinking) and an 11 cu. ft. (6 floating + 5 sinking)
  • Carries the same LifeTime Warranty as other GC Tek filters so you can buy in confidence.
  • Units are available with either AlphaONE Filter or AquaBead Filter media

DuoTek Filter Sizing:

  • DuoTek F7 Filter provides filtration for ponds up to 15,000 gallons
  • DuoTek F11 Filter provides filtration for ponds up to 25,000 gallons

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