Biosafe GreenClean Granular Algaecide For Rapid Algae Control

by Biosafe
$ 129.95

Treats, controls, and prevents string algae and green water algae without harming pets, fish, plants or aquatic life.


  • EPA registered
  • Alternative to Copper-Based Products
  • Works on Contact
  • Can be applied in Water Containing Fish & Plants

How Does GreenClean Granular Work? GreenClean is a granular algaecide with an activated peroxygen chemistry that works through a powerful oxidation reaction to break down algae cells on contact. An added benefit, the process releases oxygen into the water as it works to eliminate algae. 

How Much GreenClean Do I Apply?
 The general rule of thumb for string algae is 1 cup of GreenClean per 1000-gallons of water. GreenClean can also be used as a spot treatment where necessary. 

I Have Fish In My Pond: Can I Use GreenClean?
 GreenClean will not harm fish or aquatic life. GreenClean once diluted in water is non-harmful to animals such as birds, bees, and pets. 

Can I Use GreenClean On My Waterfall?
 GreenClean is excellent for treating waterfalls. GreenClean is a contact algaecide, and the granules need to make contact with the algae to be effective. Our recommendation for treating waterfalls is to turn the pumps off, apply GreenClean to the algae, and then turn them back on after 20 minutes. 

Will GreenClean Affect The pH Level? GreenClean will raise the pH in a water garden up to 1 pH unit. Although this will comeback down on its own within about a week. If GreenClean is applied more often than once a month, users should monitor for pH levels 

Note: This Product is Toxic to Birds in Raw Form

Item MPN Size Treats Amount
16000 3000-1 1 lb 2,000 Gal 12
16025 3000-2.5 2.5 lbs 5,000 Gal 12
16004 3002-8 8 lbs 16,000 Gal 4
16002 3015-20 20 lbs 40,000 Gal 1
16001 3015-50 50 lbs 100,000 Gal 1

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