by Atlantic Water Gardens
$ 169.70
$ 157.99

Multiple extensions can be added to increase the height for installations that require a deeper basin or greater water volumes. The depth of a pond-free basin can be increased by one Eco-Blox for each added Pump Vault Extension.

PV18EXT Pump Vault Extension Features:


  • 14" opening allows easy access to pumps and plumbing
  • Flat panel for Auto Fill installation and custom plumbing applications
  • Heavy-duty ribbed design eliminates warping and crushing
  • Cut line for 2" and 3" discharge
  • Adds 17" Height to the PV1800 pump vault
    • Model: PV18EXT
    • Extension: 17"
    • Discharge: 2" & 3" cut lines
    • Dimensions: 16½"W x 19½"H

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