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Atlantic Skimmer and Filterfall Combo

Atlantic Skimmers

  • Rigid skimmer basket makes cleaning easy - just empty and rinse with a hose.
  • Unique weir design improves skimming action and prevents fish from entering the skimmer enclosure.
  • Skimmer enclosure houses and hides the pump.
  • Extra wide basket and filter mat means less maintenance.
  • Cross flow design makes pump access and removal easy.
  • Pre filters water and protects against pump clog-ups and the subsequent loss of water flow.
  • Enclosure is ruggedly built from high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and is warrantied.

Atlantic Filterfalls

  • Extra wide spillway enhances the waterfall and aerates the water.
  • Open swirl chamber means water flows evenly and efficiently through pad and media filter.
  • Three separate filtering actions for super clean water.
  • Designed to be camouflaged with natural materials and plants.
  • Extra large container holds more bacteria for a cleaner pond.
  • Container is ruggedly built for high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and warranted for life.
  • Usually requires only annual cleaning.
  • Comes with FIPT bulkhead fitting, attachment flange, removable grate, media bag(s) and filter pad.
  • All models come with bulkhead(s), grate, media bag and filter mat

FILT23 - AWG096

Includes BF1000 FilterFalls & PS4000 Skimmer

FILT25 - AWG097

Includes BF1250 FilterFalls & PS4000 Skimmer

FILT27 - AWG098

Includes BF1250 FilterFalls & PS4500 Skimmer

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