AquaBead 10.0 PLUS System-25,000 Gallon

by GCTek
$ 5,328.95
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This system is what started it all back at the start of the prepackaged filtration systems craze. Once people found out that we were sizing, preplumbing and marketing  filtration systems where the hard work was already done for them they start moving fast and has continued to this day. We've taken the work out of choosing just the right components for your pond. Take a look at what you get in one of our PLUS Systems.

The  PLUS System includes all of the following for ponds:

  • AquaBead or AlphaONE Filter of various sizes
  • An Energy efficient 2 speed pump or another one of your choice.
  • One of the ZapPRO High Intensity UVs
  • PLUS System PrePlumbing Package that includes all plumbing, pipework, unions at all connections with all weather pad(s) ready to set up and enjoy.
  • Note: Picture shown with optional AquaSieve2 Prefilter. 


AquaBead 10.0 filter
Pentair Dynamo II 1.5 HP 2 Speed Energy Efficient External Pump

ZapPRO HO High Output High Intensity UV


Backwash in as little as 3 minutes per week
Lifetime warranty on AquaBead filter


(Note: Picture shown with optional AquaSieve Prefilter. Add the AquaSieve for $500)

With this high impact, implosion resistant jewel you can quit being a slave to the filter basket in front of your pump. Daily cleanings will be a thing of the past. Most people report that this mammoth size pre-filtration strainer only needs cleaning every 1 to 4 weeks.

Built to last; made from high strength, implosion resistant plastic

The AquaSieve2 measures 10" x 27" with 2" inlet and outlet ports

Makes hard to prime pumps easy to prime due to the large water reservoir

The AquaSieve2 installs in minutes. Simply route water from the pond to the upper inlet and plumb the lower outlet to the inlet of your pump. It really is just that easy.


The AquaBead filter is the standard for bead filters and preferred by Koi enthusiasts and water garden professionals

All Grand Champion Technologies Aqua Bead Filters include a long list of desired standard features -

The AquaSwirl Internal Vortex is a unique circulation pattern that spins solids to the center of the filter where they cllect and are easily purged through the AquaBead Sludge Drain Valve

The AquaBead Bead Agitator is a dynamo powerhouse of air output! During backwash operation this 1.5 hp blower breaks up any beads that have packed together, allowing sludge to be flushed while beneficial bacteria is retained

ALISS is the AquaBead Life Support System. In the event of pump failure or system shut an air hose from an external pond pump can be attached to a one way valve mounted on the front of the multiport valve. This enables you to keep precious bacteria alive indefinitely.

GC Tek stands behind their products with one of the strongest warranties in the business. Every AquaBead filter is backed with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty!


ZapPRO HO High Output High Intensity UV

These are absolutley Awesome UVs

Impressive with their 11.5" x 33.8" size and Super Heavy duty build

Each one contains 2 x 58 watt High Output Lamps= 116 HO Watts 

13,000 Hour Lamp Life- Available in 115 or 230 Volts

50 PSI Rating

Flow up to 7800 GPH

Cover mounted green/blue LED power indicator

Ventilated Glow Ring to confirm Lamps operating

Integrated fault protection prevents start up if a lamp problem exists

Easy to use drain allows unit to be emptied for winterizing

Safety cover switch

Best buy on the Market for High Output UVs



Model: DYNII-N2-1-1/2HP
HP: 1.5
Speed: 2SP
Volts: 115
Full Load Amps: 16.4/4.4

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