Aladdin: No Niche Skimmer

by Alladin
$ 89.99

No-Niche is no ordinary skimmer. It replaces the need for a niche, the weakest point in a pool's construction. With 360 skimming action, No-Niche has sufficient skimming power to allow opening the main drain. It works on a flotation system that automatically adjusts to average water level changes. It can be used on new construction pools, on existing vacuum fittings or to replace ineffective skimmers. No-Niche utilizes an exceptionally large basket to filter more debris without clogging. It is constructed of ABS plastic for strength and durability. Aladdin No-Niche Skimmer is primarily used to add a skimmer to an existing pond. Great for collecting floating debris. 

  • Easily Retrofit your existing pond with this skimmer unit.
  • Large Strainer Capacity
  • GPH - 800 - 3000
  • Weir Width - 25"

Parts Available:
B38B - Replacement Floating Sleeve - 


B13B - Replacement Basket - (

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